We first heard about the Miracle Blanket® from a lady in the checkout at a grocery store. Our first baby was about four weeks old at the time. She said, “You have to get a Miracle Blanket®”. Being that we were getting only a few hours of sleep a night, we decided to try it, and ordered it that night. Our son loved it, and no longer would he startle at night and wake himself up. He started sleeping completely through the night at 10 weeks, with no feedings from 6pm until 5am. Now we’re using it with our second son. He’ll be fussy and crying and then immediately stop once he’s in his blanket. It’s part of our nap and bedtime routine, and he’s obviously comforted to know he can be wrapped snugly and go to sleep. I’m planning to give this blanket away after our last child, so that more parents can get some sleep. I really think that parents should be made aware of these blankets from the labor/delivery nurses as swaddling a baby should be as routine as feeding and changing diapers. Thanks! Suzanne Tedrick, R.N., San Francisco, CA