My sister gave my husband and I the miracle blanket that she received from a friend of hers after she had her baby! I kind of forgot about it after she was born until one night when our baby girl was about 6 weeks old and particularly fussy, my sister came over to help and asked me where the miracle blanket was! I knew right where it was and grabbed it. She showed me how to use it and we wrapped her in it and followed it up in the rocker with some sh…sh…sh… and she fell asleep! Not only that but that was the start of us being able to set her down after she fell asleep, something we were never able to do prior to that because she would inevitably wake herself up with her startle reflex! Now we use it when we put her down for her naps and at night to go to sleep and I truly believe she sleeps much more soundly. I just purchased one for a good friend of mine who is about to have her first baby. I\’m so excited to give it to her because it has helped us so much. Thanks!