I am a pediatric intensive care nurse, so I am skeptical about alot of when it comes to my baby. I make no decisions regarding him without the proper research. So when my newborn’s fussiness seemed to become so heightened that he would constantly wake himself up, he would turn him into a tired fussy baby. I was beside myself. As a first time mother I was frustrated and so was he! I also felt like a failure when I was unable to console him. I would try the five “S’s” but could never really get pass the most important step of swaddling, being that he was born nine pounds and three ounces and he was really strong. It was really hard to swaddle him with conventional blankets because he would break out of them. After one night of no sleep, due to his fussiness, I was convinced that something was wrong with him, and called my pediatrician, who recommended the blanket. I ordered it the same day, and after two days of getting him used to it, he now loves it. He will be three months on 3/29, and I have used his blanket every single day since we have received it. He actually has two, in case one is dirty. He looks forward to it to help him sleep. Now when he gets fussy I just wrap him in his blanket and he instantly calms down and goes to sleep. He totally looks forward to getting in his blanket. I would recommend this blanket to every parent – it is my new baby shower gift.