We are excited to announce that the Amazing Miracle Blanket has met with such overwhelmingly positive reaction around the world that we are soon to be found in retail locations in nearly every country.

As a result, we have recently begun to set up resale accounts in your area. If you or your organization would like to purchase 25, or more, Miracle Blankets per order, or if you would like to set up a wholesale/resale account, please fill out the following form. You will be contacted within 1 business day to discuss your needs.

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Due to its effectiveness, the Miracle Blanket has experienced incredible, explosive sales growth due, strictly, to word of mouth and news media coverage. As a result, please understand that, to show appreciation for those that support us, the number of re-sellers in a given area will always be limited to ensure profitability for those customers. Therefore, if a current Miracle Blanket re-seller exists in your area, we may not be able to accommodate you at this time.

Also, if you own an Internet company and plan to sell the Miracle Blanket online, we will not be able to accommodate you due to current Miracle Blanket saturation on the net. However, we do plan to bring on more Internet re-sellers in the future and we do keep a waiting list. To be added to this list, please email us.

We only accept (as re-sellers) reputable shops and professionals such as Pediatricians, Nannies, Doulas, Lactation Consultants, Nurses, Boutiques, etc., that have an intimate knowledge of their product line and close contact with their customers and/or patients. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.